How to spawn in an Arctic Fox in Minecraft?


Minecraft, over the years, has added a ton of mobs to the game; some of them serve a purpose, while some are just cute and are added to increase the ambiance of the biomes that Minecraft has. One such mob added to the game is the Fox. Just like their real-life counterpart, these adorable little creatures are swift in their movement and run away from the player.

They are extremely swift and don’t like to be around players. They can’t be tamed the product of breeding two foxes is a tamed fox that still follows their parents who run away from you. The best way to keep them with you is by using a lead. Also, if you’re approaching them, make sure to sneak, or they’ll run away!

Arctic Fox

The Arctic Fox in Minecraft is a white variant of the regular fox found in the taiga biome. The white foxes or the Arctic foxes only spawn in the snowy biomes of Minecraft, making them rare. They blend in seamlessly in the snowy white background of the biomes, and just like the regular fox, they are not very keen on making friends with you.

The Arctic Fox in Minecraft attacks excitingly; it approaches its prey and jumps on it; the animation is just fantastic to look at.

Not only that, one of the cutest things that these little foxes do is grab items that are on the floor. It picks up the items and keeps them in its mouth.

Let’s look at how you can spawn these creatures in your world!

Spawn Egg

Like any other Minecraft mob, you can spawn in the arctic fox by simply using its spawn egg. The game doesn’t have a separate Arctic Fox spawn egg; instead, use the regular fox egg in a snowy biome to get this white fox you desire. You can find this spawn egg in the items menu in a creative Minecraft world. You can’t access this menu in survival worlds.


Minecraft also allows the player to summon mobs and items by using simple commands that can be typed. To spawn an arctic fox in Minecraft, head to a snowy biome and then use the command that we’ve provided.

Arctic Fox summon command in Minecraft: / summon fox

Natural spawning

Foxes are agile creatures found in biomes like the taiga, the old-growth taiga, and the grove biomes. Most of the time, you’ll find these mobs in a group of 2-4 sleeping or running around catching some chickens in their area. 

When a fox spawns in Minecraft, there is a 5% chance it’ll be a cute baby fox; these baby foxes will always follow the adult foxes.

An Arctic Fox can be found in biomes where it snows, so the snowy taiga is a place you should visit if you want to find an Arctic Fox in the game. If you find one, use a lead to catch it and take it to your base and leave it in a fenced area!

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