How to Make Turtle Potion in Minecraft? 

How to make turtle potion in Minecraft

Are you wondering how to make turtle potion in Minecraft? You have come to the right place. Brewing is a big part of Minecraft; potions created from brewing come in very handy in the game. They can enhance specific abilities based upon the type of potion being used. One such potion in the game is the potion of the turtle master. As the name suggests, the potion is closely related to turtles and gives you powers similar to a turtle..

The potion gives you two status effects. Resistance III and Slowness IV. So the combined effect is such that you become slower than before, but you can take in more damage. The damage done to you will be decreased to 40%. Simply put, you become slow and durable, just like a turtle. Let’s take a look at the items needed and the recipe.

Resources for How to Make Turtle Potion in Minecraft

To brew anything in Minecraft, you need blaze powder and a brewing stand. Both these items can be crafted using blaze rods dropped by the blaze mob, which is found in the nether dimension. You are ready to go once you have the brewing stand and the blaze powder.

To create a turtle master potion, you’ll need some nether wart, turtle scutes, and bottles filled with water. Nether wart is found in the Nether fortress. You can grab some and harvest them in the overworld as well. Turtle scutes are dropped by turtles when they grow up to become adult turtles. This can be a tedious process as you’ll have to breed turtles. But once you have them, you’re ready to start brewing the potion!

Recipe: How to make turtle potion in Minecraft

How to make turtle potion in minecraft

Start by brewing an awkward potion; it is a base potion used in almost every brewing recipe. This is created by using some nether wart, following the recipe shown in the image.

After getting the awkward potion, craft a turtle shell (turtle helmet) using 5 turtle scutes. 

Then put the awkward potion in the brewing stand and the turtle shell, and you’ll get a turtle master potion. You can increase the time duration of the potion by using redstone and increase the intensity of the effect by using glowstone.

How to Make Turtle Potion in Minecraft Conclusion

I hope this information helped you to understand how to make turtle potion in Minecraft. Check out the rest of my site for more Minecraft tips and tricks and wallpapers.

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