How to make a wooden pressure plate in Minecraft


A pressure plate in Minecraft is a Redstone component that sends out a signal when some entity, items, player, etc., is on it. 

A Pressure plate in Minecraft comes in many different variations, with each variation having a unique purpose in the game. For example, a stone pressure plate in Minecraft can only detect when players or mobs are standing on it. While a light-weighted pressure plate can detect all entities in the game, and the signal strength it gives out depends upon the number of entities on it.

Depending upon the task at hand, you can use different pressure plates to achieve different results.

How to make a wooden pressure plate in Minecraft

A wooden pressure plate in Minecraft is one of the many different pressure plates. It can detect all the entities in the game and give out a Redstone signal of strength 15 when one is atop it. This makes the Wooden pressure plate a popular Redstone component for opening and closing doors in Minecraft. 

Unlike the other pressure plates in the game, the wooden pressure plate has many variants. These variants have nothing different about them except for their color. Each wood type in the game has a different wooden pressure plate; the latest one added to the game was the Mangrove wooden pressure plate.

Items needed

Wooden planks

Wooden planks in Minecraft can be obtained by simply chopping down some trees and using their logs to craft planks, as shown by the recipe above. Each different wood type will give another wooden plank. Depending upon the color fo the wooden pressure plate, you can use other wooden planks.

Crafting Recipe

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary items for the recipe, simply place these items in the crafting table by the recipe that we’ve provided above and click on the pressure plate that shows up on the right-hand side. On doing so, you’ll have crafted your very own wooden pressure plate in Minecraft!

You can now use these wooden pressure plates in your Redstone contraptions. You can place a wooden pressure plate on any flat surface; you can’t place them sideways on a block, nor can you place it in a half-block space, for example, in a wooden fence gate; on doing so, you’ll just put the plate in the top.

The easiest way to use this plate is by placing it adjacent to a door in your Minecraft house, and when you step on it, the door will open automatically. Make sure you don’t place these plates on the outside because any mob will be able to enter your house then as the plate is activated when an entity steps on it.


In Minecraft, you can actually get items by simply typing in the commands; you can also get this wooden pressure plate by typing in the following command.

The command for a wooden pressure plate in Minecraft: /give @p wooden_pressure_plate 1 0

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